Why Large Companies Rent Serviced Offices

Why Large Companies Rent Serviced Offices?

The serviced office industry in the UK is growing by leaps and bounds, and rightly so. After the global recession, many small businesses resorted to acquiring these small serviced offices rather than leasing a property. Part of this is due to its cost efficiency, practicality and flexibility, but now, we are seeing an increase in large corporations opting for these small serviced offices as well.


Traditionally, big businesses would rent a big office building on a long-term lease, and take care of all management issues themselves. There has been a change in the market, and now many large businesses are renting smaller serviced offices instead, which offers them with more flexibility, less admin supervision when it comes to managing the office, as well as being able to base their office in various and multiple locations across a city. It has quickly become an old-fashioned approach to rent a big building on a long-term lease, and the market in the UK, and globally is changing, here’s why.


Helps Get Feedback
Giant companies such as Microsoft can easily buy any real estate for their office, but they have chosen to use serviced offices for some of their staff. This is due to the fact that being close to other smaller businesses and startups allow companies such as Microsoft and IBM to get a frontline experience of how smaller businesses use their software, and puts them in a better position of giving advice on how small companies can improve their use of software to be more productive.


Share Ideas
Serviced offices are the perfect place for innovative entrepreneurs to meet up and share ideas, thus making it the breeding ground for bright new ideas. Large corporations use serviced offices to meet talented entrepreneurs, and sometimes even hiring them.


Get a Fully Functioning Office – Minus the Hassle
Apart from that, small serviced offices come with flexible rental terms, and are fully fitted, furnished and maintained. They are also secure, cost effective, and provide businesses of all sizes with the resources they need to get through a business day.